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X. tropicalis Web Sites

There are a number of websites that are useful resources for X. tropicalis biology.

Genomic Web Sites

Genome @JGI - The X. tropicalis genome is being sequenced by the Joint Genome Institute (JGI)

Metazome - Clusters of orthologous genes as well as synteny

ESTs and Full length Clones

Sanger ESTs - The Sanger Institute/Wellcome Trust has generated a large number of X. tropicalis ESTs

Geneservice - distributes the EST clones sequenced by the Sanger/Wellcome.

Full Length ESTs - a database of X. tropicalis ESTs that has been clustered and analyzed for full length clones

Xenopus Gene Collection - The NIH is generating full length sequences of X. tropicalis cDNAs

Genetic and Physical Maps

Linkage Map - the group at U. of Houston are compiling a microsatellite map and have protocols for amplifying microsatellites to detect polymorphisms

CHORI BAC - The Children's Hospital of Oakland (CHORI) is distributing the X. tropicalis BAC libraries.

WashU mapping - The Washington University Genome Sequencing Center is end sequencing X. tropicalis BAC libraries and fingerprinting BACs to generate a physical map of the genome.

In Situ Libraries

NIBB XDB - a library of in situ hybridizations of X. laevis/tropicalis genes.

Axeldb - a library of in situ hybridizations of X. laevis/tropicalis genes.

Other Sites

Tropicalis computational resource - an assortment of tools for analyzing X. tropicalis sequence.

Xenopus@NIH - the NIH has identified Xenopus as an important non-mammalian model system.

Xenopus Information

Xenbase - the source of Xenopus information.