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U. Hellsten, M. Khokha, T.C. Grammer, R.M. Harland, and D. Rokhsar  Subfunctionalization of Pairs of Xenopus Co-orthologs Following Whole Genome Duplication in Xenopus laevis (in preparation)

DD Roche, JF Cheng and RM Harland. Characterization of alpha globin genes in Xenopus tropicalis. (in preparation)

Maresca, T., Brown, K., Grammer, T. and Heald, R. Mitotic extracts from Xenopus laevis and X. tropicalis show dynamic determination of spindle length (in preparation)

Fletcher, R. B., Baker, J. B., and Harland, R. M. FGF8 spliceform-specific activities: FGF8 spliceforms mediate early mesoderm and posterior neural tissue formation in Xenopus Development (submitted)

Choi, VM, Harland RM, and Khokha, MK.  Developmental Expression of FoxJ1.2, FoxJ2, and FoxQ1 in Xenopus tropicalis. Gene Expr. Patterns (submitted)

Wills, AE, Harland, RM, and Khokha, MK. Twisted gastrulation is required for forebrain specification and cooperates with Chordin to inhibit BMP signaling during X. tropicalis gastrulation.  Dev. Biol. (in press)

A Mve-Obiang, RE Lee, ES Umstot, KA Trott, TC Grammer, JM Parker, B Ranger, R Grainger, EA Mahrous and PLC Small. A newly discovered mycobacterial pathogen isolated from lethal infections in laboratory colonies of Xenopus species produces a novel form of the M. ulcerans macrolide toxin, mycolactone. Infection and Immunity (2005) 73(6), p3307-3312 Pubmed

TC Grammer, MK Khokha, MA Lane, K Lam and RM Harland. Identification of Mutants in Inbred Xenopus tropicalis. Mech Dev. 2005 Mar;122(3):263-72. Pubmed

MK Khokha, J Yeh, TC Grammer and RM Harland. Depletion of Three BMP Antagonists from Spemann's Organizer Leads to a Catastrophic Loss of Dorsal Structures. Dev Cell (2005) Mar;8(3):401-411. Pubmed

KA Trott, BA Stacy, BD Lifland, HE Diggs, RM Harland, MK Khokha, TC Grammer, and JM Parker Characterization of a Mycobacterium ulcerans-like infection in a colony of African Tropical Clawed Frogs (Xenopus tropicalis) Comp. Med. (2004) 54(3), 309-317. Pubmed or

Parker JM, Mikaelian I, Hahn N, Diggs HE. Clinical diagnosis and treatment of epidermal chytridiomycosis in African clawed frogs (Xenopus tropicalis). Comp Med. 2002 Jun;52(3):265-8. Abstract (Pubmed). Reprint PDF (15 Mb)

Techniques and probes for the study of Xenopus tropicalis development. Dev Dyn. 2002 Dec;225(4):499-510.
Khokha MK, Chung C, Bustamante EL, Gaw LW, Trott KA, Yeh J, Lim N, Lin JC, Taverner N, Amaya E, Papalopulu N, Smith JC, Zorn AM, Harland RM, Grammer TC. Abstract (Pubmed)