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X. Tropicalis Genome Sequencing

The genome of X. tropicalis is currently being sequenced by the Joint Genome Institute (JGI). Information and sequence is available at the JGI tropicalis site. Additionally the JGI statement of intent (MS word) to sequence the X. tropicalis genome outlines JGI's interest in the X. tropicalis genome. The advisory board statement (MS word) outlines the methods and timetable for sequencing and assembling the genome.

The Steering Committee meets regularly to evaluate the progress of genomic sequencing as well as make recommendations for further sequencing and assembly. Summaries of these meetings are available here:

Most Current Meeting Summary 2/3/2006

Summary meeting 10/9/2005

Summary meeting 8/3/05

Summary meeting 5/19/05

Summary meeting 5/19/05

Summary of meeting 4/19/05

Summary of meeting 12/21/04

Summary of Meeting 2/10/04

Summary of Meeting 09/02/03

Summary of Meeting 23 April 2003

Summary of Meeting 10/31/02 and 12/19/02