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BAC Libraries

Two large insert X. tropicalis BAC libraries have been constructed. One BAC library was constructed by Shizhen Qin at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle. The other library is made by Michael Nefedov in Pieter De Jong's group at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI).

The Joint Genome Institute requested that members of the community submit genes of interests for BAC sequencing. BACs will be isolated, shotgun sequenced at the JGI, and then sent to Stanford for finishing. These BAC sequences will provide important long range scaffolds for genome assembly as well as provide an important resource for investigators. The JGI has received a number of requests and sequencing is proceeding. Further requests are no longer being accepted.

Over 200 genes have been requested for BAC sequencing by 43 investigators. Many of these have been sent for sequencing; others remain to be identified. Current sequencing information is available and as these BAC sequences are finished they will be deposited in Genbank.

NOTE: The current CHORI-216 X. tropicalis BAC library appears to have extensive bias in library coverage. Genomic DNA has been obtained and another BAC library is under construction at CHORI.

A substantial number of genes that have been requested have not yet been identified or approved. Some if not all of these genes will be sequenced in a parallel effort at the Institute for Systems Biology using S. Qin's library.

The original BAC white paper can be downloaded as either MSWord format or as a PDF.