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Harland Xenopus tropicalis Site

Welcome to the Harland Lab Xenopus tropicalis web site and our Mutagenesis Project. We have created this site to distribute protocols and techniques for the experimental use of X. tropicalis and in particular frog genetics.

For use as an experimental model organism, Xenopus tropicalis is similar in many ways to Xenopus laevis but does have important differences. In particular X. tropicalis offers the possibility for genetic analysis. Our goal for this site is to describe our progress in developing trop genetics and to distribute methods so that the genetic possibilities in X. tropicalis can be exploited by a wide audience.

JOIN Troplist - the email list devoted to X. tropicalis (maintained by Nick Hirsch)
New: JGI Releases version 4.1 of frog genome with browser
Genetic Map - preliminary assay for polymorphisms at U. of Houston
Updated Harland Lab website including - new search engine, new immunohistochemistry, TUNEL, sectioning trops, EST/cDNA library information, and more.

This work was supported by:
NIH Grant 1R01GM066684-01
Other Contributors Include:
Vivian Choi Neha Prakash
Annie Chou Philip Schmidt
Nancy May Hoo Angie Maki Sera
Kendon Kuo Kristin Trott
Maria Lin Roza Vazin
Gabriela Loots Joanna Yeh
Major contributors
Mustafa K. Khokha
Timothy C. Grammer
Maura Lane
Richard M. Harland

Revision History

3/26/05 Added section on tagging frogs
2/1/05 Major revisions - new navigation bar, shipping, cartilage staining protocol, immunohistochemistry protocol, new mutants page, new inbred lines page, updated raising tadpoles, Request frogs page, frog tags
10/15/03 major revisions including sharing policy, progress reports, BAC library, raising tadpoles, microinjection, plasmid library, inbred lines, mutants, and a genome update from the steering committee + multiple minor corrections made throughout the site
5/16/03 warning for aquarium heaters added (see environment). Updated genome resources page
4/29/03 genome sequencing update, warning for no pre-hyb with laevis embryos (see in situ)
4/27/03 added new version of trop database, compacted housing outline
4/23/03 changed feeding protocol in raising tads. added warning about too high adult temperature
4/14/03 more typos fixed, added genome resources to menubar
4/11/03 multiple typos fixed, new home page, new microinjection protocol, updated in situ library, addition of database, hCG protocol updated
2/16/03 final beta testing